A largely wordless animated story book for all children who long for a friend.. An animated story about friendship, and how we find our friends in our lives. Purple Balloon is a misfit in its own world, square rather than round. Balloon takes an exciting journey and finds a special friend.



The colorful and action packed story is told through illustration and animation. It’s designed to allow the young reader to control the flow and storyline, and allows the parent to read their own spin into what is happening.

Dive in to the message that bad breaks can be overcome, happiness is what you make it, and dreams can be fulfilled!  Within 46 pages containing 23 animations, meet the Starfish who has an unexpected calamity.  The starfish learns that life goes on, and how to rise above the problem.



An encouraging story for children who feel different than others. A happy and friendly spider shows a positive way to follow one's inner voice. This 2016 iBA Inclusive,  Education FinalistsEvery child needs to explore their talents with their built in curiosity.  Book contains positive messages, and fun and interesting sounds of the world.

Contains animations. 2016 IBA award finalist.

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A colorful and fun animated introduction to where music comes from, and how it works. We see how mus

A colorful and fun animated introduction to where music comes from, and how it works. We see how music can be a fun part of life.  Includes musical scales, piano shorts, and snippets from various instruments. Also an interactive scale for practice. Has short opening carousel, wedding, birthday, and piano duet videos.



A simple picture book about a bored frog who thinks that nothing ever happens in his life. The world is happening all around him, but he just isn't paying attention!



A picture book of a protective Sunflower,  the first title in the "How About..." Kids Books Series, who encourages the younger flowers in the field to help, accept, and support one another; to be strong and patient, and loving. This book contains narrative "Read To Me" option by the author. Written in rhyme, it also contains many sounds from nature and the author's imagination.



A picture book showing life at a snail's pace. A slow snail's life shows that going too fast means we miss so much. The message is that life is enjoyed in the moment.



This book is written in the spirit of guiding a child to understand ones self, and the world.  All children have questions and wondering minds, filled with curiosity. Funky Monkey experiences and seeks to find distractions, but discovers how to feel happy just being itself.



A picture book about bullying, which is everywhere from the playgrounds to the classrooms, even in our neighborhood. The story shows how some cope with their bullies to make their own lives more peaceful.



A picture book containing a simple message to not take life TOO seriously. The story is told though the eyes of a child whose silly grandma collects small chairs.



A picture book of silly numbers, where we learn the concept of double digits. When we are young we begin to understand the concept of numbers.  The introduction of double digits can be difficult at first.  This book introduces numbers in a humorous way.  Although, not meant to teach numbers, the books offers funny personalities where we can laugh and learn.



The world is filled with a wonderful assortment of living things. A box of personality shows us how

every one of us play a special role in this life.  Children need to believe that we are all important. An amusing inside look into the box where colors live, that answers the question "which is the most important color?"  Each color makes its case for being the most important.  The story ends with an adventure and an answer to a question.  In the end it's clear that they are all equally important in the rainbow of colors. An entertaining view of the world through the eyes of each of the colors.